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Jurmet – Slitters, Winders and Core Cutters

We can provide high performance Slitters, Winders & Core Cutters for the conversion of a wide range of flexible packaging materials.

These include: Packaging films, self-adhesive paper, self-adhesive labels and labels printed on foil. Shrink foil, para transmission foil, aluminium, laminates, HSH foil, paper, non wovens and technical materials designed for a variety of industries.

Extensive knowledge of the flexo and packaging industries together with a flexible approach to the configuration of their machines, allows our partners Jurmet, to offer optimum solutions for individual customer requirements.

Jurmet have proved themselves to be significant innovators in the development of conversion machinery. Their complete understanding of the processes and their customer’s requirements has led them to design and manufacture equipment which no longer has difficult and time consuming parts to change. Instead, Jurmet have created automatic functions, a number of which hold EU patents.


Also known as Slitter Rewinders, Jurmet manufacture a comprehensive catalogue of these key machines used in the conversion of paper, films and foils. Designed to convert a wide roll of material into multiple narrower rolls, the machine will unwind the primary large roll. It then slits the unwound material into the required widths and completes the process by rewinding the resized material onto new cores as required.

Jurmet Advancer2

A high performance slitter-rewinder for flexible materials such as printed / unprinted foil (PE,PP,PA,PS,PET and others), metalised films, laminates, label stock film and paper.

Avancer2 is an automatic double turret slitter with four rewinding shafts and a separate unwind station designed for increased productivity and low production downtime. Robust, solid construction together with stress free operation and maintenance make this model a popular choice.

MASTER – slitter with separate unwinding station

The Master slitter ensures total control of the slitting process. Data in relation to the slitting of various materials can be automatically recalled in case of repeated jobs. The software of the slitter is designed so that it is possible to set easily various tensions on different sections of the slitter. In addition, the system identifies possible issues, advises methods of solution. A lower run of material allows the placing of additional modules such as a laser to cut between the unwind and rewind.

 WINDER-d – compact slitter with an integrated unwind station

With more and more converters of flexible materials seeking cost effective solutions for their slitting and re-winding operations, Jurmet have created a model designed to slit various packaging materials which are manufactured in narrow-web and mid-web flexo processes.

These machines are particularly used in packaging for the food industry, flexo printing operations, healthcare and pharma materials.

LANGER2   – Foil and Labels Rewinder

Langer2 is a multipurpose rewinder designed to provide the slit of foil and self-adhesive labels on one label rewinder. Various control systems, including an inspection camera ensure a quality finish.

 Our Slitter/Winders can be engineered to meet the exact requirements of your process.


A range of highly efficient core cutters which will deliver a top quality finish at high speed. All are manufactured according to European Safety Standards (CE labelled).

CATER-A   Automatic Core Cutter

CATER-A is a technically advanced core cutter designed to automatically cut cardboard cores.  Designed to minimize core slit time, the slitting process is optimized when the automatic loading system is applied. An operator uses the control panel to instruct the required lengths and quantity of cores to be slit and loads parent cores on the stock. Once the start button is pressed the cores are loaded on the machine one by one in automatic cycle and they are slit into required sections.

CATER-D   Semi-Automatic Core Cutter

The CATER-D model is built to meet the increasing requirements of our customers for a quick and dust free solution for the cutting of cardboard cores. It is a perfect core cutting machine to automatically slit big numbers of cardboard cores. An easy to use touch screen panel allows quick input of required quantities and lengths of cores to be slit. The button “Start” activates an intelligent slitting software which does not require operator intervention. The core cutter has been designed so as it is possible to rapidly setup different ID cores according to current needs.

CATER-S   Semi-Automatic Core Cutter

The CATER-S is a semi-automatic core cutter designed to cut cardboard cores into various lengths.

A specifically designed circular knife ensures a quick and dust free slit.

CATER-M   Manual Core Cutter

The CATER-M is a quality, competitively priced manual core cutter designed to cut cardboard cores, with in excess of 500 models operational worldwide.

The core is cut manually in a dust free mode by a specifically designed circular knife.


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