Optimation Ltd of Ilkeston, Derbyshire

Kung Hsing Plastic Extrusion Machinery

If you are contemplating buying blown film extrusion equipment from Taiwan, we recommend you buy from the best.  Kung Hsing (pronounce it Kung Shing) is Taiwan’s No 1 manufacturer and exporter of blown film extrusion, with several thousand lines around the world

In recent years, the flexible packaging industry has experienced a proliferation of Asian suppliers and particularly Taiwanese.  In selecting a supplier from the other side of the world it is essential to be cautious and to take steps to ensure that there is not a mismatch between your requirement and the supplier’s understanding of your requirement.

This process lead Optimation to approach Kung Hsing for the supply of blown film extrusion lines into the UK and Ireland.  In Kung Hsing we have found a quality manufacturer who is prepared to take time to fully appreciate the demands of both the market and the regulatory framework within which we operate in Europe.

A visit to the extensive testing facilities at Chia-Yi speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to providing high quality equipment.  With an annual turnover in excess of US$20 million, extrusion companies around the world are turning and returning to Kung Hsing to help them compete in a globalising market.